Best Comedy and funny Telugu Short Films you laugh definitely while watching

Best Comedy Telugu Short Films: In Telugu, there are many Comedy Short Films Telugu. Here in this post, we have listed some of the top and best Comedy Short Films in Telugu. We have listed top Comedy Short films by the number of views on youtube. I think many of them have already watched these all comedy short films. If you did not watch then watch now definitely you will laugh and you can spend your leisure time with fun. In our previous post we have listed some of the best Telugu Web Series.

Best Comedy and funny Telugu Short Films you laugh definitely while watching:

If you are searching for Best comedy short films in Telugu then you have come to the right place here we have listed  Best Comedy and funny Telugu Short Films you laugh definitely while watching and they are
  1. PK2
  2. The Viva
  3. The Exam
  4. The Interview
  5. Late Comers
  6. Modi is my Daddy
  7. Naku Kopam Vachindi


In the name itself, we can guess that this short film is a spoof of Hindi PK Movie. It has got 3.5 Million Views. In Telugu Comedy Short films PK2 has highest views.

The Viva:

The Viva is one of the best Telugu Comedy Short Films. The Viva had created a benchmark Comedy Short Film. By this movie Harsha has been popular has viva Harsha. On Youtube Viva has got 2.5 Million Views.

The Exam:

After The Viva short film Viva team has created there own youtube channel named Viva. There many short films in Viva Channel among them The Exam is one the best Comedy Short Film.

The Interview:

The Interview is also from the same youtube channel it has also more than 1.5 Million Views on Youtube. 

For More Comedy Short Films Visit Our Site Telugu Comedy Short Films.

Late Comers:

Late Comers is one of the most funniest comedy short Film in Telugu. It shows the behaviour of every latecomer to the class.  After Late Comers, they had released another short film Late Comers 2. 

Modi Is My Daddy:

Modi Is My Daddy by this comedy short film Sudarshan had been popular and now he is acting in Featured movies. Modi is my Daddy short film was presented by Dream Team. 

Naku Kopam Vachindhe:

Sudarshan has acted in many comedy short films among all the short films done by Sudarshan Naaku Kopam Vachindi will be the best comedy Short Film. 

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Best Comedy and funny Telugu Short Films you laugh definitely while watching Best Comedy and funny Telugu Short Films you laugh definitely while watching Reviewed by smashplex on October 30, 2017 Rating: 5


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